The Company

Vallon GmbH is an internationally operating manufacturer of Metal Detectors (Mine Detectors), IED detectors, and Ferrous Locators (UXO bomb locators) for humanitarian and military applications.

Since 2005, Vallon also offers a Dual Sensor Detector for non-metallic mines and IED, the Minehound VMR3, comprising a metal detector and a ground penetration radar.

A further field of activities based on magnetism is the product range of powerful degaussing systems, see separate website under:

With the experience of 50 years and with a staff of highly qualified engineers as well as close contacts to the end-users, Vallon GmbH develops equipment of highest quality standards that meet customers requirements worldwide.

Data of incorporation
1965: Founded by Richard Vallon as a privately owned company.
1979: registered as Vallon GmbH (Private Limited Company)
General Manager:
Gerhard Vallon

1999: foundation of Force Ware GmbH as a subsidiary for the supply of protection equipment and tools for EOD and demining. For further information, please visit:


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Vallon GmbH
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