Our Philosophy

Vallon products are designed in our own research and developing centre and fulfill very high quality standards.

Daily contacts with the end users are the basis for an ergonomic and efficient equipment.

Because Vallon products have to protect life, all equipment runs through an extensive inspection procedure.


Most part of the Vallon detectors are handheld carried sensors, operated in all weather conditions.

Therefore, Vallon attaches great value to employing state-of-the-art technologies and materials.

Our goals are:

For the engineering of our electronics we are taking full advantage of the technological progress in terms of miniaturization, and we are constantly checking our electronic components for possible quality improvements.
The detectors are processor-controlled. Future experiences and improvements are handled through firmware upgrades. Customer requirements can therefore be implemented very quickly.

High-Tech Materials

In order to archive the above technological goals, we use not only highly resistant glass fibres and special synthetic materials, but also woven carbon and glass fibre composite materials which are offering following advantages:


Vallon have their own test ground for mine detection with different soil conditions. Likewise, this test ground can be used as training facilities for UXO detection on the surface and in bore holes.

Our Instructors are highly experienced Engineers

Operation training and service training is offered in our works in Eningen, but also worldwide.


Worldwide service

Many of our foreign representative stock spare parts and offer prompt delivery.

We guarantee service, repair and delivery of spare parts for 10 years after the production of a model has stopped

Detailed user manuals and service manuals are available for all products.


The quality, reliability and security of our products is assured by our "Zero Fault Demand" which is the commitment of our staff and suppliers to best quality.

All staff members - from trainee to managing director - feel responsible for quality and continuous improvement. The diagnostics, recording and correction of faults is part of our constant quality reviews.

It is of much greater importance to avoid faults that to eliminate them. VALLON's commitment to this principle is reflected in its permanent research and development, staff training and total quality management with every task continuously re-engineered by VALLON staff, considering the feed-back of suppliers and clients.

Our customers' loyalty is based upon VALLON's decades of experience in providing solutions to detection and degaussing problems, backed by continuous performance enhancement, standard procedures and after sales support. The constant training of our maintenance engineers is self evident.

We are committed to meeting client needs for quick handling of enquiries special requirements.

Our success depends on our customers' satisfaction. To ensure this, our highly qualified staff act in their own responsibility doing their best to be reliable contact persons to our customers.

The quality of our final product depends also on the quality of purchased components. To ensure this, VALLON gives full support to their component suppliers.

VALLON is a global player offering its products and service worldwide.

VALLON has an international orientation seeking to work with all potential customers wherever they are.