Generator EG2430

for Small Yokes EMJ and Small Coils EM
(Nominal output current 4 A)

Small production parts are quite often transported from one machining station to the next from vibrating conveyors in transport rails. If the production parts have been magnetized, this can lead to disturbances in the material flow or in further processing (e.g. separating, feeding, stacking).

The VALLON Generator EG2430 has been optimized for pulse degaussing in combination with small yokes EMJ or small coils EM series, to be mounted directly at a feeding rail. The demagnetization of small parts is synchronized over a specified cycle time or feed rate. The various operating modes allow easy integration into a wide range of conveyor systems. In order not to disturb transport of the parts, the magnetic field is switched on/off intermittently during the material feed in cycles. For this purpose, the generator creates a decaying alternating magnetic field corresponding to the mains frequency of 50 or 60 Hz.


  • Housing with protection class IP54
  • Operation mode: pulse degaussing
  • Clock synchronization with external or internal trigger
  • Impulse time approx. 0.7–3.8 sec., adjustable in 16 steps
  • Automatic time interval of the internal trigger approx.  0.1–5 sec., adjustable in 16 steps
  • Output voltage: 28V
  • Nominal output current: 4 A
  • Frequency 50/60 Hz with decaying amplitude
  • Inputs/Outputs (24 V) for external control

Power Supply:

  • 230V/16A 50/60Hz (other mains voltages on demand)