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Welcome to VALLON

Embedded in the region and at home in the world

VALLON is headquartered in Eningen unter Achalm, Germany, at the heart of one of Europe’s most economically strong regions with an outstanding ranking when it comes to technology and quality of life.

VALLON is one of the world’s leading companies for the development, production, and provision of innovative hardware and software for explosive ordnance detection. VALLON’s expertise around magnetism also plays a crucial role in the degaussing sector. Custom-tailored degaussing solutions are a guarantee of quality in a wide variety of production processes and sectors.

This family-run company established in 1965 is distinguished by its consistent orientation to maximum quality and precision. The focus of all its activities is the aim of providing customers with the best product for the relevant application.

In order to meet the challenges of the future, at VALLON we always welcome new employees – irrespective of whether they are students, at the beginning of their career after an apprenticeship/university course, or experienced professionals – who actively support us.

VALLON – Over 50 Years of Excellence

  • Family-run since 1965
  • Around 85 employees in production, research & development, sales and administration
  • Two company divisions: Detectors and systems for explosive ordnance detection and custom-tailored solutions for industrial degaussing
  • Core competency: magnetism

Searching with Excellence –
Detectors and Systems

Detectors and systems from VALLON help make the world safer

Customizing with Excellence –
Degaussing Devices and Systems

The degaussing devices and systems from VALLON minimize the residual magnetism in production processes