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Explosive ordnance disposal is also a major challenge

Armed forces worldwide have the task of protecting the sovereignty and population of their country. Allies and international partners must join together to promote security and stability, and make a contribution to safeguarding peace. Therefore, the armed forces are also responsible for defence against explosive ordnance and can ensure the level of safety required in humanitarian crisis regions – which also encompasses the disposal of explosive ordnance.

They have extensive resources available, putting them in a position to plan and execute large-scale clearance projects. The armed forces also provide support to humanitarian agencies engaging in explosive ordnance disposal. At military-owned demining centres that have specialised in explosive ordnance disposal, they also provide further training to non-military explosives experts. This makes it easier to transfer knowledge between the armed forces and humanitarian organisations.

A further challenge for the armed forces is the amount of time required for defending against unconventional explosive and flammable devices (IEDs). In addition to the proper equipment, they require established specialist knowledge.

The VALLON product range includes efficient detectors and systems for military demining.

Thanks to flexibility and state-of-the-art technology, they can be used in a wide variety of applications. The combination of mechanical robustness, intuitive operation, and maximum search sensitivity meets all user requirements.

The tried and tested VMH3CS and VMR3G metal detectors are the ones most frequently used in military demining. The latter is able to detect non-metallic objects as well, making it ideal for use in challenging search scenarios.

The latest generation of VALLON metal detectors, including the ergonomic VMF4 and ultra-compact VMC4, features impressive detection properties and compactness and provides many helpful functions.

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