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Ever more authorities and major events require rigorous security standards. They often include thorough checks and screening. In the entrance areas of public buildings such as embassies or museums, in particular. Authorities and security firms are faced with a variety of challenges since visitors must be prevented from smuggling firearms and sidearms inside. At the same time, these procedures must run smoothly – even in environments with large crowds.

Security measures include screening people and their baggage with hand-held metal detectors during access controls to public buildings such as correctional facilities and airports, and to major events. As technical aids, metal detectors make a significant contribution to raising security standards.

But in addition to screening people, authorities such as criminal investigation departments use metal detectors for general crime scene and forensic investigations. Orderly, highly precise forensics are decisive. A suitable metal detector that can differentiate between ferrous and non-ferrous metals makes it easier to find bullet casings and projectiles or search for a discarded murder weapon, for example.

VALLON offers authorities and security firms a wide range of products:


The MH6 hand metal detector is the perfect detector for the screening of people and access controls. Thanks to its high detection sensitivity and oval coil shape, it delivers higher surface performance and not only detects firearms and sidearms, but very small metal pieces as well.

When it comes to crime scene and forensic investigations, the VMC4 metal detector is the product of choice. Thanks to its reliable detection capability, it assists in the targeted search for munition components such as casings and bullets – even under the most difficult urban conditions with soil that presents a high level of metal contamination. And the metal detector’s ideal dimensions make it a compact companion.

VALLON also has product solutions for detection in various bodies of water. All fourth-generation metal detectors are waterproof up to 5 metres. There are further options, such as the VMW1 underwater detector, waterproof up to 30 metres, and the MW1630B, which is waterproof up to 60 metres.

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