Degaussing Customizing with Excellence

VALLON – Customizing with Excellence

The degaussing devices and systems from VALLON minimize the residual magnetism in production processes

Residual magnetism in production processes is a widespread cross-sectoral issue. It reduces product quality and makes processing individual components and entire products more difficult. Every industry has unique features and VALLON addresses them with customer-specific degaussing solutions.

For more than five decades, VALLON has developed and produced degaussing devices and systems. As one of the leading specialists in this field, the company has applied its many years of experience to creating the diverse, high-performance product range it offers today. The production solutions range from conventional 50- and 60-Hz tunnel coils to degaussing yokes. They are also available in combination with VALLON low-frequency generators.

Above and beyond its high-performance product range, VALLON relies on customer-specific consulting. In addition to careful analysis of the problem by experienced degaussing specialists, this service includes the running of degaussing tests in the firm’s in-house application laboratory. The result is individual, custom-tailored and economically efficient degaussing solutions for each individual customer.

  • More than 50 years of experience
  • Diverse, high-performance product range
  • In-house application laboratory for customer specific degaussing solutions
  • Quality “Made in Germany” – our quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015
Movie Degaussing Devices and Systems

From Small to Large

VALLON offers degaussing of parts in most different dimensions and shapes: single pieces, bulk goods in baskets or workpieces positioned in product carriers

Our Product Range

VALLON manufactures each degaussing solution to order. Stand-alone or integrated.


We deliver genuine added value to our customers

Over 50 years of excellence

Our company is a world leader in the development and manufacture of degaussing devices and systems. For more than five decades we have been family-run with the claim of excellence in all product areas.

A strong team

Every single employee adheres to the same high performance and quality standards that the entire company has pledged to uphold. Supporting personal and technical competency is a matter of course for us. After all, our company’s success is also based on the know-how and daily commitment of our employees.

Everything from a single source

Customer satisfaction is another top priority at VALLON. You will receive everything from a single source, from the first consulting session and free degaussing tests in our in-house application laboratory through to assembly, user training, and service. VALLON supervises the entire process and supports you with maximum technical expertise.

Technologically diverse

We use a variety of different technologies to eliminate magnetic residual field intensity. It includes basic 50-Hz degaussing as well as high-performance pulse degaussing with low-frequency generators.

Research and development: the foundation

Our research and development department focus on practical, customer-orientated solutions. We aim to constantly further develop degaussing devices and systems that deliver higher performance and greater efficiency.

Quality “Made in Germany”

The name VALLON represents quality “Made in Germany”. We realise our quality principles by means of a uniform quality management system that lives up to the highest standards. It ensures that every product is reliable and durable. Our degaussing solutions have proven their worth worldwide in a wide range of production processes.