Detectors Products EVA4mobile with VFC4

EVA4mobile with VFC4

Android App with VFC4 Field Computer for Recording Surface and Borehole Data with Single-Channel Detectors and Small Multi-Channel Systems

  • EVA4mobile Android app for recording surface and borehole data
  • Best possible protection against data loss
  • Outstanding features for field navigation in combination with a differential GNSS system
  • Extensive range of tools for the definition of field configuration and field location
  • Convenient field and project management
  • Management of the most diverse sensor configurations
  • Mounting kit for uncomplicated use with VALLON detectors

Combined with

  • Powerful 5.3-inch VFC4 field computer for processing extremely large data volumes –
    recommended for use with VALLON single-channel detectors and small multi-channel systems

EVA4mobile utilizes the computing power of the very latest Android hardware to ensure comfortable recording of surface and borehole data with VALLON detectors. The application range spans single-channel magnetometers, multi-channel systems and metal detectors – on land, in boreholes and underwater. Real-time display of the data allows operation to be performed using the brush stroke method – also with differential GNSS support where required.

In combination with the VFC4 field computer, EVA4mobile is a conveniently sized, easy-to-use data collector.

The VFC4 combines efficient hardware with a weatherproof design that is durable in the field. It can be secured either directly on the single-channel magnetometer VX1 or comfortably on the wrist for borehole probes. Even occasional applications with small multi-channel systems are accomplished simply by mounting EVA4mobile on the support structure. The necessary attachments for this are included in the delivery from VALLON. The reduced magnetic signature of the VFC4 minimizes any influence on probes mounted nearby.

Customer satisfaction is top priority at VALLON!

Support and all future updates are already included in the purchase price. The invaluable experience acquired by our customers during everyday use of the software is consistently incorporated into the further development of the software.

  • Scope of Delivery

    EVA4mobile | Item No. 2405350010
    Field Computer Set VFC4 | Item No. 2005350000

    Software license, field computer VFC4, hard case for VFC4, fixation for VFC4, memory stick VFC4, USB cable adapt. micro B for plug A socket VFC4, USB charger (car), operation manual VFC4, holder armbelt VFC4

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