Detectors Products VFC4 – Small Field Computer for EVA4mobile

VFC4 – Small Field Computer for EVA4mobile

Smartphone-Size Android-Field-Computer, for Single-Channel-Applications, Small Arrays and Borehole Detection

  • Powerful 5,3-inch field computer for processing of large data volume
  • Optimized for use with VALLON single and small multichannel systems
  • Reduced magnetic footprint minimizing impact on magnetometers
  • Weather- and fieldproof
  • Mounting kit for use with VALLON carrier-systems

The field computer VFC4 combines powerful hardware with design, that makes it first choice for the “smaller” jobs. It can be directly attached to a one-channel VX1 magnetometer or be worn comfortably at the wrist during borehole search. It also cuts a fine figure when attached to smaller arrays for multi-channel-survey. The necessary mounting elements are included.

The VFC4 is hand-picked for use with the datalogging app EVA4mobile, this software can be downloaded from our website free of charge and offers some functions already after installation. In order to use EVA4mobile for data acquisition with VFC4, a license is required.

In case you order a VFC4 and EVA4mobile from Vallon, you get a pre-installed license and your VFC4 will be ready to be used as a datalogger without further preparation.

  • Scope of Delivery

    Field Computer Set VFC4 | Item No. 2005350000

    Field computer VFC4, hard case for VFC4, fixation for VFC4, memory stick VFC4, USB cable adapt. micro B for plug A socket VFC4, USB charger (car), operation manual VFC4, holder armbelt VFC4

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