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Solution examples

Customized demagnetization solutions from VALLON sustainably eliminate the disturbing factor of residual magnetism

VALLON's customized demagnetization solutions are used worldwide in various industries to  eliminate the disturbing influence of residual magnetism reliably and reproducibly. Our wide range of applications covers a variety of fields. Examples of typical applications include the demagnetization of solid individual parts, for example semi-finished products and workpieces such as gears, shafts, or large forming tools, as well as the demagnetization of roller bearing rings in various sizes and shapes.

Our solutions are also ideal for demagnetizing bulk material in washing baskets or other parts arranged as set goods in product carriers. Furthermore, we offer effective solutions for the demagnetization of tools made of high speed steel  or tungsten carbide as well as iron sintered parts - and this is only a small part of our extensive application possibilities.

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