Degaussing Disruptive Factor Residual Magnetism

Disruptive Factor Residual Magnetism

Customized degaussing solutions from VALLON eliminate the disruptive factor with lasting results

Residual magnetism in production processes is a widespread phenomenon in many branches of industry; it affects product quality and complicates machining processes for single components as well as for complete products.

VALLON solutions are especially useful in the following branches of industry and sectors: Automotive, engineering, conveying and automation technology, steel industry, aerospace, energy and infrastructure.

Solution Concepts

VALLON offers entirely dependable degaussing solutions

VALLON’s customized degaussing solutions are used by the most diverse industrial sectors all over the world. VALLON degaussing concepts enable a reliable and reproducible elimination of the interference factor residual magnetism. Typical examples are massive and large parts on Euro pallets, hard metals in different shapes, baskets with bulk goods, individually positioned technical parts in trays, sintered parts, parts in stainless steel containers, and many more.