Company Environmental Management

Environmental Management

The protection of the environment plays an important role at VALLON

With an environmental management system certified according to ISO 14001:2015, VALLON ensures the complete implementation of its environmental principles.

Thus, the company commits to taking environmental protection into account in all operational processes and to promoting it continuously. As a result, environmental aspects are included in corporate decisions with foresight.

This pronounced environmental awareness finds its visible expression, among other things, in our modern company building and its building technology. Thanks to the built-in geothermal probes, VALLON can use energy from the ground heat. The entire heating as well as the cooling of the construction and administration building is carried out with the help of a heat pump. This is operated with natural refrigerant to protect the environment. Any resulting process heat is fed back into the geothermal probes.

The flat roof of the building with approx. 9,000 sqm is divided into an area for a powerful photovoltaic system and an area for an extensive bee-friendly green roof. In the outdoor area, VALLON took on two bee colonies already in 2019 with the support of a local beekeeping company. With the settlement of the animals, the company makes a valuable contribution to the protection of the environment and species.

In addition to the building infrastructure, environmental protection criteria are also incorporated in the development and design of VALLON products. The materials used by VALLON comply with the Montreal Protocol and therefore do not contain harmful substances (such as chemicals containing chlorine and bromine) or other substances that endanger human health or the environment. Only high-quality materials are used that guarantee a long product life.

And VALLON goes one step further: When it comes to waste management, we focus on the one hand on minimizing waste and on the other hand on strictly separating materials to achieve a high recycling rate.

  • Our environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001:2015