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Explosive Ordnance Disposal Units

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Many regions still contain hidden explosive ordnance such as bombs, grenades, munition, and weapons – all threats to the general population. The explosive ordnance disposal units responsible for removing them are carrying out a public function.

They have the tasks of educating the population and acquiring full-coverage data in advance, including evaluating aerial photos. Such evaluations are particularly valuable, since the exact position of some unexploded ordnance can be pinpointed on aerial photos. Afterwards, the contaminated areas can be cleared of the ordnance. The work of explosive ordnance disposal units ensures that construction plans can be carried out without risk and pre-planning and cost estimates meet the targets.

Alongside the proper equipment, the extent to which explosive ordnance clearance can be planned and budgeted depends on the environmental conditions in the contaminated area. Metallic deposits and soil redistribution are only two of the many challenges that are frequently encountered. In urban regions in particular, anomalies caused by underground cables make ordnance detection more difficult.

The selection of the optimum measuring grid makes it easier to avoid unnecessary follow-up measurement. A suitable presentation of the results is essential for analysis leading to the correct conclusions.

VALLON supports these requirements with extremely robust, user-friendly, and precise magnetometers and metal detectors – the ideal partners for finding a wide variety of ordnance.

The range includes products and systems for use on land, in boreholes, and under water.

VALLON supplies hand-held single-channel systems and multi-channel systems with probe distances of 33 and 50 cm for complying with the suitable measuring grid on land. The VALLON range also has an impressively flexible selection of widths. Whether it’s VXP3, VXV4, or VXV8, a suitable product solution is available for any area.

The EVA4ALL® Windows-based software and the EVA4mobile® Android app also ensure the uncomplicated documentation and analysis of the measurement results.

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