Degaussing Products Coils High Performance Coils C Series

High Performance Coils C Series

Customer-specific sizes (active opening up to 710 x 710 mm)
for medium-sized thick-walled parts

Degaussing is performed either in a continuous process through the low frequent alternating field of the coil, or with a stationary work piece inside the coil by means of pulse degaussing by a decreasing alternating magnetic field.

For continuous degaussing of medium-sized semi-finished parts or for degaussing of work pieces (for example thick-walled tubes, bars or profiled steels) – individually or arranged in a tray. Small parts can also be demagnetized in a container or washing basket as bulk goods.

The high-performance coils C series are ideally suited for the integration into the feeding system of a washing plant. Furthermore, the integration into an existing production line and other feeding system is possible.

Product description:
Housing made of special cast aluminium with protection class IP44 or better. The high-performance coils are produced to customer specification, based on a modular system. Passage opening can be adapted between 210 x 160 mm and 710 x 710 mm in increments of 50 mm.

Degaussing is always performed in combination with a low frequency generator. A radial fan is used for heat dissipation. Optionally, liquid cooling can be used for continuous operation at full load.

Power supply:

Effective opening 1)
W x H [mm]
Active length
D [mm]

210 x 160

EM3636C 360 x 360 300
EM7171C 710 x 710 300

1) The effective opening can be adapted between 110 x 110 mm and 710 x 710 mm in increments of 50 mm.
Subject to changes that serve technical progress.