Degaussing Products Yokes High Performance Yokes EMJ Series

High Performance Yokes EMJ Series

Customer-specific sizes (active width up to 1.200 mm)
for small to medium-sized workpieces for maximum height 60 mm

Continuous degaussing or degaussing with a stationary workpiece on the yoke by means of pulse demagnetization

For degaussing of small to medium-sized workpieces (e. g. gear wheels, roller bearing rings, saw blades, bent sheet metal parts as well as multi-layer parts) - individually, as bulk goods or arranged in a tray as well as in plastic or stainless steel containers or washing baskets.

The high-performance yokes EMJ series generates a very strong magnetic field. They are ideally suited for integration into the feeding system of a cleaning plant as well as other production lines and conveyor systems.

Product description:
Sturdy, corrosion-resistant housing made of stainless steel, protection class IP55. Available in effective widths in 50 mm increments from 150 mm up to 1.200 mm. The effective height over the yoke surface is approx. 60 cm. This height depends on material hardness and the applied degaussing frequency. From a height of 60 mm onwards (work piece or container height), a high-capacity double yoke EMJ-2 series is recommended.

For low material thickness, operation directly from the mains voltage is possible, duty cycle 100 %. For greater material thicknesses or for multi-layer settling material arranged in trays or baskets, low frequency generators with temperature monitoring are available in addition.

Power supply:

Type Effective width1)
W [mm]
Outer dimensions
W x H x D [mm]
Duty cycle [DC]2)
EMJ15 150 260 x 127 x 280 100
EMJ20 200 310 x 127 x 280 100
EMJ25 250 360 x 127 x 280 100
EMJ120B 1200 1310 x 127 x 280 100

1) customized effective widths and voltages available on demand.
2) Duty cycle [DC] at a frequency of 50 Hz, for operation with a low frequency generator EG2422 only up to 65 & coil current setting.
Subject to changes that serve technical progress