New business unit

In 1973, a major industrial trading firm contacted VALLON. Its degaussing coil supplier could not deliver. Richard Vallon seized the opportunity: employing his extensive knowledge of magnetics, he developed his own degaussing coils. A new line of business was born.

VALLON got started with small degaussing coils such as the EM06 or EM12. The very first coils were manufactured as modular systems – a strategy that has proven itself until today. The modular systems from VALLON provide customers with a highly flexible product – originally with a 2-part mechanical design, later with a 4-part one and now with an 8-part design for a wide range of applications. The prefabricated standard parts are assembled according to customer specifications and the required/desired coil size.

Measurement accuracy plus low current consumption: With the handy FM 3000 field analyzer, it is easy to check the degaussing result. The Hall-field strength analyzer measures static magnetic field with great accuracy. The next generation with further improvements, 3010, followed two years later with a peak-value memory.

The EMT model is one of the first degaussing systems with automatic throughput for continuous degaussing.

In 1974, the EG2410 degaussing generator was launched. The generator converted the 50 Hz network voltage into the optimal low frequency. The low frequency enabled a reduction in secondary eddy currents inside workpieces and higher penetration in solid pieces could be achieved.