Locating unexploded ordnance (UXO)

Multi-channel systems from VALLON were the answer to the requirement of effectively and quickly scanning even very large areas with only one person for ordnance. Documentation that there is no contamination and leftover ordnance such as unexploded ordnance below ground on a site (Absence of ordnance certificate) is particularly important for major construction projects and new construction and residential areas.

With the manually pushed handcart with three sensors, larger areas can be scanned effectively. The VALLON MC1 field computer acquires the data in parallel. Subsequently, the data are evaluated with the VALLON-CAMAD evaluation software (see below). In this way, from locating found objects to evaluating them, everything can be done with products from VALLON.

The CAMAD (Computer Aided Magnetic Anomaly Detection) software enables borehole and surface data that was acquired with an iron detection device – also called a magnetometer – to be evaluated and displayed in detail.

The MSV5 (Multisensor Vehicle) was the first vehicle-based VALLON magnetometer system for checking very large areas as part of ordnance clearance. Designed in the standard variant for accommodating five sensors (MSV5), the vehicle can be expanded for up to seven sensors (MSV7).