Pulse induction technology –
even under water

With pulse induction technology, VALLON entered a new age for VALLON metal detectors in 1990. These innovative devices transmit magnetic pulses into the soil, providing information on various metals and the size of metallic objects. This helped VALLON acquire the German Bundeswehr as a customer. International renown and further growth were the result.

The ML 1614A was the first pulse induction metal detector from VALLON. Converting from sinus to pulse technology permitted a broad new range of options for soil compensation. Interference from highly mineralized soil could be suppressed with pulse technology. The ML 1614 impressed users with its robust engineering and hinged carrying rod. The device’s high efficiency when clearing the German-German border led to the Bundeswehr’s decision to procure the device. This significantly increased international interest in VALLON detectors.

VALLON rounded out its product range with underwater devices. With its MW 1630, the company launched an underwater metal detector for use in depths of up to 60 meters.

Whether on land or under water, the MW1630B metal detector is a highly reliable locator of metal objects. It is water pressure-tight and systematically optimized for use in both fresh and salt water. It guarantees high detection reliability to an immersion depth of 60 m without sensitivity loss.