New development: dual-sensor detectors

A new technological innovation from VALLON in 2005: the dual-sensor detector combined a metal detector with a ground radar for the first time. Despite its higher cost, the innovation conquered the market. Thanks to dual-sensor technology, the detectors not only identify objects with metal content such as conventional land mines, but they also detect metal-free objects such as improvised explosive devices (IED) – a key advantage in an era of “asymmetric warfare.” Again, VALLON developed the right detector at the right time.

The VMR1 is the first dual-sensor detector from VALLON. The development work was carried out in collaboration with Cobham, formerly Era Technology. It supplies the ground radar components in all dual-sensor detectors.

With the compact VMR2, VALLON established itself as a leading provider of dual-sensor detectors early on. The LED display on the device’s control element boosts its practicality for the field.

The latest generation of the VMR3G Minehound dual-sensor detector, in demand worldwide, offers an ergonomic, integrated color graphical display for intuitive operation and shorter familiarization and training times.