Room for more growth

Between 2010 and 2012 a new production and administration building with an area of 9,000 m2 was built in Eningen.. With respect to quality management, production efficiency, sustainability, and environmental friendliness, an important step forward for VALLON.

Since 2012, VALLON has developed and manufactured all products at its new headquarters in Eningen.
The building facilitates short paths: the company’s administration, research, development, and production functions are closely intermeshed. The spatial proximity of the individual departments to each other and company management increased efficiency enormously and at the same time, optimized quality management.

After two years, the new headquarters was completed. Doing business sustainably and protecting the environment are two main focal areas: the use of geothermal energy ensures efficient production. The entire location is heated and cooled using soil sensors and a rooftop photovoltaic plant covering an area of 3,000 m2. On an annual basis, it generates up to 185,000 Kw/h of power. The economical LED illumination throughout the building is joined by individually configurable air-conditioned rooms – both of which improve working conditions as well.

Continuing education and device instruction take place in the company’s own training center at VALLON in Eningen. On diverse test fields with different soil conditions and UXO test areas for surface and borehole scanning, users can extensively test metal detectors, dual-sensor detectors, and magnetometers. Being able to properly configure the detectors or interpret search results correctly are key competencies when using the devices.

Since spring 2019, VALLON has also been a home to two bee colonies. The green area on the company premises makes its contribution to environmental protection as well. Bienenelfe, beekeepers from Reutlingen, also provide professional assistance here.