Product offensive – the new generation

Since 2016, VALLON has impressed customers with improved generations of its innovative developments. The new benefits include lower weight and greater compactness for easier transport and simpler firmware upgrades that now enable customer-specific application optimization.

VMF4, VMC4, VMH4: the new generation of metal detectors. The VMF4 and VMH4 feature optimized ergonomics and replaceable search coils that enable variable applications: detecting UXO and submunitions, for example. The VMC4 features an ultra-compact design with a high-quality carbon telescoping carrying rod. With the help of enhanced detection modes, all detectors can locate and identify materials and wires of low conductivity better than ever before.

The VX1 modular magnetometer system is the ideal tool for surface and borehole scanning as part of civil, humanitarian, and military ordnance clearance. It is handy, flexibly adapts to different sized bodies, and extremely rugged. This versatile device quickly collects data in conjunction with data acquisition devices from VALLON.

The VMX10 large loop metal detector for detecting UXO is the first choice for highly mineralized or magnetic soils where passive magnetometer systems cannot be used. The selection of 14 measuring ranges and 40 operating channels ensures higher detection reliability through the object-based and size-based suppression of sources of interference and environmental factors.