VALLON: host to the world

More than 130 participants from 29 countries attended the 11th VALLON Workshop on the topic of “Detection systems and accessories for ordnance clearance.” VALLON welcomed visitors from a wide variety of fields: The armed forces of various NATO member states, non-governmental organizations such as the HALO Trust, representatives of the OSCE, many civil and state ordnance removal services, and worldwide VALLON sales representatives.

The workshop’s huge success was particularly the result of talks by many international experts, who shared their experience and knowledge of ordnance clearance.

During a guided tour of the facility, VALLON employees gave an impressive presentation of the complex production process, including the multi-stage quality control and final inspection procedures.

The workshop participants had the opportunity to extensively test the extensive product range of metal detectors, dual-sensor detectors, and magnetometers on a variety of test fields.