New software generation

With the EVA4mobile Android app for acquiring surface and borehole data and the EVA4ALL PC-based software for structured data processing and subsequent documentation, smooth project completion is possible when locating and identifying ordnance with VALLON detectors. The big advantage for VALLON customers who use both solutions: support and all future updates are included in the purchase price.

The applications for the EVA4mobile Android app range from one-channel magnetometers and multi-channel systems to metal detectors – on land, in boreholes, and under water. The data is displayed in real time, enabling users to use the brushstroke procedure – in conjunction with differential GNSS support, as required. In conjunction with the VFC4 and VFC4plus field computers, EVA4mobile is a high-performance data acquirer. VALLON also offers the Bluetooth® Beacon, a flexible solution for use with third-party hardware. The license is enabled with the push of a button.

EVA4mobile uses the computing capacity of modern Android hardware, enabling the convenient acquisition of surface and borehole data with VALLON detectors.

EVA4ALL, the innovative evaluation software for ordnance detection, is ideal for evaluating, depicting, georeferencing, and documenting surface and borehole data. The software solution sets new standards for managing the continuously growing data quantity of modern large projects. The pioneering operating concept of EVA4ALL supports creative freedom and a wide variety of approaches for project implementation.