Customizing with Excellence – an important business segment

VALLON is also a partner for innovative, economical degaussing solutions. Corporate customers benefit from over 50 years of experience and a focus on customer orientation and custom solutions that are optimized to meet the needs of the relevant application.

Thanks to the thoughtful VALLON modular system, coils for continuous or pulse degaussing offer maximum flexibility when it comes to feasible sizes and economic efficiency. In the stainless steel VEM series, the outlet opening can be flexibly adjusted in 1-cm increments and in the EM series made of special aluminum die cast, 5-cm increments are possible.

Extensive tests, also together with our customers, in our in-house application laboratory are the basis for maximum quality and reliability. Residual magnetism is reproducibly minimized to the required value, which permanently safeguards process quality.

In addition to coils, VALLON provides degaussing yokes. They generate a very strong alternating magnetic field directly on the surface that exits the active surface vertically. This makes them ideal for horizontal rings, disks, or upright, short rod-shaped workpieces.