The beginning of a success story

With experience acquired as department master at Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Metallforschung (Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Metals Research) in Eningen (1944-1946), as well as three years at the French research institute ONERA in Toulouse and 16 years as the department head at Dr. Förster (1949-1965), Richard Vallon established the Elektromagnetischen Werkstätten (Electromagnetic Workshop, EMW) in 1965, laying the foundation for what was to become VALLON. From the very beginning, an enormous level of innovative power and customer orientation were qualities that have manifested throughout the company’s history and remain until today. When customers have a problem relating to a specific application, VALLON has the ideal solution in the form of a practice-oriented, high-quality product.

The company’s activities first took place in the basement of the Vallon home in Eningen. With the support of his son Gerhard, Richard Vallon converted obsolete detectors made by third-party manufacturers. At that time, dry batteries had virtually disappeared from the market and alternative solutions to supplying power had to be found.

Shortly after it was founded, the company moved to Reutlingen. Three employees worked in the company facilities on an area of 250 m².

In 1966, they sold and shipped the company’s modernized detectors in large lots. The technically improved devices from third-party manufacturers were afterwards sold as VALLON ML 1100 and EL 1200. The obsolete vacuum tube technology was replaced by new transistor technology. Monocell batteries were the power supply.