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Low Frequency Generator EG2422K

Mobile degaussing station with flexible degaussing cable coil

The EG2422K is a mobile degaussing station and particularly suitable for degaussing of stationary machine parts or built-in tools.

The relevant machine parts are wrapped with a flexible degaussing cable on the spot where the degaussing process can be started immediately taking only a very short time.

An integrated low frequency generator supplies the degaussing cable with a decaying pulse current of adjustable strength. For degaussing larger assemblies, several degaussing cycles are required to cover the complete structure. This can be achieved by moving the cable coil. The permanent temperature monitoring of the degaussing cable coil guarantees a safe application.

Thanks to the very short set-up times, the EG2422K is ideal for occasional degaussing at different locations.


  • Mobile degaussing station
  • Operation mode: pulse degaussing
  • Set degaussing cable with 5 m length, adapter set for cable and temperature monitoring
  • Menu languages English, German (others on demand)
  • Symmetry: adjustable
  • Current: adjustable
  • Operating time with one cable set at maximum output: approx. 3-4 degaussing cycles
  • Frequency 16.7 Hz or 50 Hz adjustable

Power supply:

  • 400 V/32 A, 50/60 Hz (other mains voltages on demand)


  • Degaussing cable sets in different lengths
  • Several degaussing cable sets for extended operation time
  • Customized versions with different voltages and frequencies, for exemple 440 V, 460 V, 480 V at 50/60 Hz
  • Other menu languages