Degaussing Products Low Frequency Generators/Generators Low Frequency Generator EG2422S

Low Frequency Generator EG2422S

for high performance coils C series
(nominal output current 20–120A)

The low-frequency generator type EG2422S has been designed especially for connection to high-performance coils C series. The EG2422S has a higher output rate than the EG2422 as well as an integrated heat exchanger for cooling.

The degaussing frequency of the alternating magnetic field can be set in 8 steps, thus allowing adaptations to customer requirements depending on the material thickness, hardness of steel, transport speed and the required residual field strength.

Diverse interfaces and remote-control options allow easy integration into existing production plants and conveyor systems.


  • Delivery including housing and glass front door to swing open (protection class IP54)
  • Operation mode: continuous degaussing or pulse degaussing
  • Menu languages: German, English (others on demand)
  • Symmetry: adjustable
  • Current strength: adjustable
  • Nominal output current: max. 120 A
  • Frequency 0.9–50 Hz, adjustable in in 8 steps
  • Inputs/Outputs (24 V) for external control and RS-232 and RS-485 interface respectively

Power supply:

  • 400V/128A 50/60Hz (other mains voltages on demand)