Degaussing Products Low Frequency Generators/Generators Low Frequency Generators EG2422 / EG2422P / EG2422R

Low Frequency Generators EG2422 / EG2422P / EG2422R

for coils EM/EMR/VEM and yokes EMJ/EMJ-2
(nominal output current 20–60A)

The EG2422 is the standard generator for low-frequent degaussing with coils EM/EMR/VEM series and yokes EMJ/EMJ-2 series.

With the EG2422P, VALLON offers an optimized generator version for pulse degaussing. Owing to its special pulse technology, the EG2422P generator enables higher field strengths in combination with a shorter exposure time of the workpiece inside the coil. The EG2422R low frequency generator has been optimized for use with VALLON rotary coils.

The degaussing frequency of the alternating magnetic field can be set in 8 steps, thus allowing adaptations to customer requirements depending on the material thickness, hardness of steel, transport speed and the required residual field strength.

Diverse interfaces and remote-control options allow easy integration into existing production plants and conveyor systems.


  • Delivery including housing and glass front door to swing open (protection class IP54)
  • Operation mode: continuous degaussing or pulse degaussing
  • Menu languages: German, English (others on demand)
  • Symmetry: adjustable
  • Current strength: adjustable
  • Nominal output current: max. 60 A
  • Frequency 0.9–50 Hz, adjustable in in 8 steps
  • Inputs/Outputs (24 V) for external control and RS-232 and RS-485 interface respectively

Power supply:

  • 400V/63A 50/60Hz (other mains voltages on demand)