Detectors Products VMC4 – Ultra Compact Metal Detector, Green

VMC4 – Ultra Compact Metal Detector, olive

Fourth Generation: Ultra Compact Metal Detector for Special Assignments and Shallow Detection

  • Maximum sensitivity in detection of shallow objects
  • Ultra compact design with high-quality carbon telescoping carrying bar
  • Detection of material and wires with low conductivity
  • Pinpoint button for a higher degree of location detection accuracy
  • Integrated GNSS for automatic and manual storage of waypoints
  • Infrared LED display for use with night vision devices and vibration alarm for covert operations
  • Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi interface to internal web server for personal device settings

The ultra compact metal detector VMC4 is the logical successor to the proven and successful VMC1. As such, it meets the most stringent requirements of military mine clearance, especially the requirements of special forces.

The detector can be converted from an ultra compact package into an ergonomic, full-sized detector in just a few steps. Extended detection modes allow the locating of material with low conductivity.

The combination of easy operation and maximum sensitivity leaves the user nothing to be desired. In part, this is because the VMC4 is ideal for all types of soils and shallow bodies of water in a wide variety of conditions.

Another special feature of this new detector generation is that rechargeable batteries can also be charged right in the device, either with a 110 – 240 V/50 – 60 Hz AC adapter or on a 10 – 30 V vehicle on-board power supply.

Suitable for following searches ...

Mines :  Suited for mine detection. Thanks to maximum sensitivity, also responds to mines with low metal content.
IEDs :  Suited for searching for objects with low conductivity and the components typical of improvised explosive devices (e.g. wires and cables).

* Partially restricted

  • Technical Data


    Active search coil
    27.3 x 12 cm (10.74 x 4.7")

    Alarm signal
    Visual (LED)/audio/vibration
    IP68: 5 m (1 h at 20 °C)

    Bag* – Standard
    28.5 x 12.2 x 6.5 cm (11.15 x 4.73 x 2.45 ")

    36.5 x 30 x 15.5 cm (14.37 x 18.11 x 6.1 ")

    *Tolerance ± 3 %

    Ambient conditions

    In accordance with MIL-STD-810G
    (501.4-I, II, 502.4-I, II, 503.4-I, 506.4-III, 512.4-II, 514.5C-I, 516.5-IV)


    Detector with/without standard battery*
    1.25 kg (2.76 lbs) / 1.03 kg (2.3 lbs)

    Basic package* – Detector in bag including standard scope of delivery
    1.35 kg (2.97 lbs)

    Basic package in case*
    3.36 kg (7.40 lbs)

    *Tolerance ± 10 %

    Disposable/rechargeable battery

    8 x Mignon LR6 1.5 V alkaline battery – Standard
    8 x Mignon HR6 1.2 V NiMH rechargeable battery

    2 x Mono LR20 1.5 V alkaline battery – Emergency operation
    2 x Mono HR20 1.2 V NiMH rechargeable battery

    Disposable/rechargeable battery operating time

    Alkaline batteries: About 7 h*
    NiMH rechargeable batteries (2,700 mAh): About 12 h*

    Alkaline batteries for emergency operation: About 3 h*
    NiMH rechargeable batteries (10,000 mAh): About 12 h*

    *Ambient temperature of about 20 °C, LR6/LR20: Varta Industrial, HR6/HR20: NiMH rechargeable batteries.

    Subject to changes that serve technical progress.
  • Scope of Delivery

    Basic package | Item No. 2005000000

    Metal Detector VMC4, Bag, Adapter Mignon cells, 8 x Alkaline battery 1.5 V Mignon LR6, Operational manual, Field manual

  • Parts/Accessories

    • Internal pouch VMC4, olive Art.-Nr. 8905000920 Handy pouch for storing the AA-adapter and 8 Mignon batteries
    • Transport bag VMC4, oliv Art.-Nr. 8905000440 For storage and transport of the detector
    • Case VMC4, olive Art.-Nr. 2905000140 Rugged case for storage and safe transport of the detector
    • Headset VMF4/VMH4/VMC4 Art.-Nr. 2904090090 Lightweight headset for use in a noisy environment
    • Brake wrench Art.-Nr. 2805000000
    • Data cable VMF4/VMH4/VMC4 Art.-Nr. 5110307076 For the data transfer between detector and PC
    • Charging cable VMF4/VMH4/VMC4 Art.-Nr. 2504090070 For Charging of rechargable batteries NiMH directly in the detector by using the vehicle plug socket 12/24V
    • Power supply adapter 100-240V including travel adapter AUS/UK/US Art.-Nr. 2905001065 Suitable for the charging cable VMF4/VMH4/VMC4
    • AA/Mignon-Adapter VMC4 Art.-Nr. 2905000170 Adapter for power supply for the detector use with 8 Alkaline batteries 1.5 V Mignon LR6
    • Alkaline battery 1.5 V Mignon LR6 Art.-Nr. 5910001003 Standard battery (not rechargeable)
    • Alkaline battery 1.5 V Mignon LR6, 8 ea. Art.-Nr. 5910001003S8 Standard battery (not rechargeable)
    • Rechargable battery NiMH 1,2 V Mignon HR6/2.700 mAh Art.-Nr. 5920001010 Rechargeable batteries for long operations
    • Rechargable battery NiMH 1,2 V Mignon HR6/2.700 mAh, 8 ea. Art.-Nr. 5920001010S8 Rechargeable batteries for long operations
    • Rechargable battery NiMH 1,2 V Mono HR20/10.000 mAh Art.-Nr. 5920001006 Rechargeable batteries for long operations
    • Rechargable battery NiMH 1,2 V Mono HR20/10.000 mAh, 2 ea. Art.-Nr. 5920001006S2 Rechargeable batteries for long operations
    • Operation manual VMC4 Art.-Nr. 8905000570 Detailed operation information
    • Field manual VMC4 Art.-Nr. 8905000560 Extremley compact operation information

Service and contact

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