Detectors Products VX1 – Magnetometer Set "Land"

VX1 – Magnetometer Set "Land"

Modular Magnetometer System for Use on Land

  • Modular magnetometer system for UXO detection down to great depths
  • Detection indication using polarity-dependent LED bar graph and audio signal
  • No sensor adjustment required
  • Interfaces for data acquisition: USB, Bluetooth® and serial
  • Smart data analysis with VALLON software solutions
  • Detachable digital probe VSM for flexible use in all VALLON multichannel systems

The VX1 is a modular UXO detector system for ferrous object detection. It is extremely rugged and offers high search sensitivity. It is also easy to operate and meets the toughest demands in civil, humanitarian and military ordnance disposal.

This versatile device quickly collects data in conjunction with data acquisition devices from VALLON. For professional data analysis and documentation, VALLON's product portfolio offers corresponding software solutions.

In addition, the detachable digital probe VSM offers outstanding flexibility, allowing it to be used in all VALLON multichannel systems.

VX1 - diverse and flexible VX1 - Set of variants und options

Suitable for following searches ...

UXO :  Ideally suited for searching for relatively large ferromagnetic objects of all kinds (such as unexploded ordnance, etc.), particularly for data acquisition.
  • Technical Data


    Sensor distance: 50 cm (19.69")
    Sensor tube diameter: Ø 3.2 cm (Ø 1.26")

    Alarm signal
    Visual (LED) / Audio
    Device: 1.5 m (30 min at 20 °C) / Digital probe VSM: 60 m

    81 x 16 x 11 cm (31,89 x 6,30 x 4,33 ")

    Backpack in case* – Standard
    84 x 30 x 17 cm (33,07 x 11,81 x 6,69 ")

    *Tolerance ± 3 %

    Ambient conditions

    In accordance with MIL-STD-810G
    (F501.4-I, II, F502.4-I, II, F503.4-I, F506.4-III, F512.4-II, F516.5-IV)


    Detector with/without standard battery*
    3,60 kg (7,94 lbs) / 3,04 kg (6,70 lbs)

    Basic package* – Detector with backpack and case, including standard scope of delivery
    9,20 kg (20,28 lbs)

    *Tolerance ± 10 %

    Disposable/rechargeable battery

    4 x Mono LR20 1.5 V alkaline battery – Standard
    4 x Mono HR20 1.2 V NiMH rechargeable battery

    Disposable/rechargeable battery operating time

    Alkaline batteries: About 100 h*
    NiMH rechargeable batteries (10,000 mAh): About 100 h*

    *Ambient temperature of about 20 °C, LR20: Varta Industrial, HR20: NiMH rechargeable batteries.

    Subject to changes that serve technical progress.
  • Scope of Delivery

    Basic package | Item No. 2003170000

    Control Unit VX1, Digital probe VSM, Carrying bar, Carrying strap, Headset, Backpack, Hard case, 4 x Alkaline battery 1.5 V Mono LR20, Operation manual, Backpack packing sketch

  • Parts/Accessories

    • Carrying bar VX1 Art.-Nr. 2903170030 For mounting the control unit VX1 and probe
    • Control unit VX1 Art.-Nr. 2903170040 Control unit for detector operation and data display
    • Digital probe VSM Art.-Nr. 2909990674 Digital probe with 50 cm sensor distance
    • Tranport bag for digital probe VSM Art.-Nr. 2903170450 Fabric container for storage and transport of the probe
    • Backpack VX1 Art.-Nr. 8903170610 For storage and transport of the detector
    • Case VX1 Art.-Nr. 2903170410 Rugged case for storage and safe transport of the VX1 in the backpack
    • Hard case VX1 with insert Art.-Nr. 2903170530 Rugged case for storage and safe transport of the VX1 without backpack
    • Headset VX1/VXT1 Art.-Nr. 2903170320 Lightweight headset for use in a noisy environment
    • Carrying strap VX1 Art.-Nr. 8903170820 For a more comfortable detector operation
    • External battery charger 100-240V/50-60Hz, 12V Art.-Nr. 5900001010 Compact external battery charger for charging NiMH-reachargeable batteries
    • VX1-Set „Kabeltrommel 25 m“ Art.-Nr. 2903170240 Erweiterungsset zur Bohrloch- und Unterwasserdetektion
    • VX1-Set „Kabeltrommel SEPOS® 15/12 m“ Art.-Nr. 2903170460 Erweiterungsset zur Bohrlochdetektion mit montierten Positionsgebern SEPOS® und Unterwasserdetektion
    • Carrying bag VX1 cable drum Art.-Nr. 2903170400 Rugged back for transport
    • Cable drum VX1 SEPOS®, 15/12 m Art.-Nr. 2903170470 Rugged cable drum for borehole detection with included SEPOS® position sensors
    • Detector SEPOS®-Borehole Art.-Nr. 2900130130 SEPOS® detector for the precise determination of the probe position
    • Connection cable SEPOS®-Borehole Art.-Nr. 2503170040 Zum Anschluss Detektor SEPOS®-Bohrloch an Bedienelektronik VX1
    • Hook wrench Art.-Nr. 9150006024 Handy hook wrench 30/32 to adjust the head of the probe
    • Extra weight Art.-Nr. 2909990631 For the attachement an the bottom side of the probe für under water use
    • Ring screw Art.-Nr. 2909990105 Allows the attachment of additional weight at the probe for under water use
    • Alkaline battery 1.5 V Mono LR20 Art.-Nr. 5910001006 Standard battery (not rechargeable)
    • Alkaline battery 1.5 V Mono LR20, 4 ea. Art.-Nr. 5910001006S4 Standard battery (not rechargeable)
    • Rechargable battery NiMH 1,2 V Mono HR20/10.000 mAh Art.-Nr. 5920001006 Rechargeable batteries for long operations
    • Rechargable battery NiMH 1,2 V Mono HR20/10.000 mAh, 4 ea. Art.-Nr. 5920001006S4 Rechargeable batteries for long operations
    • Operation manual VX1 Art.-Nr. 2903170330 Detailed operation information
    • Backpack packing sketch VX1 Art.-Nr. 8903170890 Illustration of the backpack scope of delivery

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