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VXT1 – Magnetometer

Magnetometer for Very Deep Detection

  • Large sensor distance of 170 cm
  • No sensor adjustment required
  • Carrying bar with height-adjustable probe
  • Detection indication using polarity-dependent LED bar graph and audio signal
  • Detachable VX1 control unit

The VXT1 magnetometer easily meets all necessary requirements for searching for objects at substantial depths. This outstanding detection depth can be attributed to the exceptionally large 170 cm sensor distance in particular.

In conjunction with VALLON field computers, the digital interfaces on the VXT1 make it ideal for easy data acquisition, including with the optionally available GPS system.

Suitable for following searches ...

UXO :  Suited for searching for rather large ferromagnetic objects of all kinds (such as unexploded ordnance, submunitions, etc.) down to great depths—including for data acquisition.
  • Technical Data


    VSL sensor distance: 170 cm (66.93 ")
    Sensor tube diameter: Ø 3.5 cm (Ø 1.38 ")

    Alarm signal
    Visual (LED) / Audio
    Device: 4 m (1 h at 20 °C)

    202.5 x 22 x 33.5 cm (79.72 x 8.66 x 13.19 ")

    Bag for carrying device*
    79.5 x 70 x 30 cm (31.3 x 27.56 x 11.81 ")

    *Tolerance ± 3 %


    Detector with standard battery*
    13.0 kg (28.67 lbs)

    Basic package* – Detector with bag and case, including standard scope of delivery
    31.0 kg (68.34 lbs)

    *Tolerance ± 10 %

    Disposable/rechargeable battery

    Rechargeable battery pack – Standard

    Disposable/rechargeable battery operating time

    Rechargeable battery pack: About 90 h*

    *Ambient temperature of around 20 °C, rechargeable battery pack.

    Subject to changes that serve technical progress.
  • Scope of Delivery

    Basic package | Item No. 2004140000

    Magnetometer VXT1, Case, Control unit VX1, Digital probe VSL, Probe carrier, Carrying bar front, Bag for carrying device, Docking station, Mounting clip for probe, Handle VET1, Headset, Connection cable probe, Set power supply, Operation manual

  • Parts/Accessories

    • Case VXT1 Art.-Nr. 2804140000 Rugged case for storage and safe transport of the detector
    • Digital probe VSL Art.-Nr. 2909990675 Digital probe with large sensor distance 170 cm
    • Connection cable probe Art.-Nr. 2504140000 Connection cable to the probe
    • Mounting clip for probe Art.-Nr. 2902240006 Mounting clip for the attachment of the probe to the telescopic pole
    • Control unit VX1 Art.-Nr. 2903170040 Control unit for detector operation and data display
    • Docking Station VXT1 Art.-Nr. 2904140010
    • Probe carrier VXT1 Art.-Nr. 2904140001 For mounting the power supply, carrying bar and optional GNSS
    • Transport bag for probe carrier VXT1 Art.-Nr. 2802240001 For storage of the the probe carrier
    • Carrying bar front VXT1 Art.-Nr. 2102230006 For mounting the handle, docking station, control unit and probe
    • Handle VET1 Art.-Nr. 2902230029 Replacement handle to comfortably control the detector
    • Headset VX1/VXT1 Art.-Nr. 2903170320 Lightweight headset for use in a noisy environment
    • Velcro fastening tape back to back 20 mm Art.-Nr. 9140003014
    • Set power supply Art.-Nr. 2902200218 Power supply for probe and central electronics unit
    • Operation manual VXT1 Art.-Nr. 2904140000 Detailed operation information

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