Detectors Products Metal Detectors MH6 – Handheld Metal Detector

MH6 – Handheld Metal Detector

Compact Handheld Metal Detector for Security Checks

  • High level of detection sensitivity
  • Visual alarm indication using LEDs and audible alarm indication
  • Adjustable detection sensitivity
  • Audio and vibration alarm
  • Ergonomic design and low weight

The MH6 handheld metal detector has been developed for checking persons for weapons and other metal objects. It also enables the screening of letters and small packages. This makes it a reliable, essential work tool for security personnel in airports, embassies, correctional facilities, nuclear power plants and other high-security facilities.

The MH6 is also easy to operate and features a high level of detection sensitivity and very convenient handling.

Suitable for following searches ...

Person and postal inspection :  Screening of persons and postal items within the framework of security checks at airports, embassies, correctional facilities, nuclear power plants and other high-security facilities
  • Technical Data


    Active search coil:
    12 x 15 cm (4,72 x 5,90 in)

    Alarm signal
    Visual (LED)/audio/vibration



    42 cm (15.53 in)

    Handle diameter
    Ø 3.8 cm (Ø 1.50 in)

    43 x 31 x 9 cm (16.92 x 12.20 x 3.54 in)

    *Dimension specifications ± 3%.

    Ambient conditions

    Quality standard

    Security standard
    In accordance with VDE 0848 Part 4, A3

    Field strength
    In accordance with VDE 0848 Part 4, A2

    In accordance with EN 61000-6-1:2001 and EN 61000-6-3:2001

    Ambient temperature

    -10°C – +55°C (+14°F – +131°F)

    Storage temperature

    -30°C – +70°C (-22°F – +158°F)


    Detector with standard battery
    0.3 kg (0.66 lbs)

    Detector in case – Including standard scope of delivery
    1.6 kg (3.53 lbs)

    *Weight specifications ± 10%.

    Disposable/rechargeable battery

    1 x 6F22 9 V alkaline battery pack
    1 x 6F22 9 V NiMH rechargeable battery pack, 200 mAh

    Disposable/rechargeable battery operating time*

    Service life with alkaline battery:
    At 10% alarm sound/visual indication: max. 80 h
    At 10% vibration alarm/visual indication: max. 20 h

    *Ambient temperature of about 20 °C, 6F22: Varta Industrial.

    Subject to changes that serve technical progress.
  • Downloads

  • Scope of Delivery

    Basic package MH6 | Item No. 2000340300
    Handheld Metal Detector MH6, Operation manual

  • Parts/Accessories

    • Item No. 5920001001 Rechargable battery NiMH 9 V/200mAh Rechargeable batteries for long operations
    • Item No. 5910001004 Alkaline battery 9 V block Standard battery (not rechargeable)
    • Item No. 5900002010 Charger
    • Item No. 8900330006 Carrying Case
    • Item No. 8900340301 Operation manual MH6 Detailed operation information

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