Detectors Products Metal Detectors VMH3CS – Metal Detector

VMH3CS – Metal Detector

Metal Detector with Exchangeable Search Coil

  • Optimized ergonomics for long-term operation in military demining and humanitarian mine clearance
  • High sensitivity combined with high-efficiency soil compensation
  • Flexible application optimization thanks to exchangeable search coils
  • Easily noticeable metal alarm indication (audio/visual/vibration)
  • Button operated pinpoint function

The VMH3CS metal detector has been developed especially for professional mine clearance as part of military and humanitarian assignments. It has been proven to be a highly reliable and mechanically rugged tool for a wide variety of tasks around the globe. This is especially true of use in highly mineralized soils.

Its mechanical design guarantees low-fatigue work, even during assignments lasting several hours. The VMH3CS can also be optimized through exchangeable search coils for various detection scenarios.

Suitable for following searches ...

Mines :  Suited for mine detection. Thanks to maximum sensitivity, also responds to mines with low metal content.
UXO* :  Suited for searching for all types of metal (e. g. grenades, submunition, etc.) near the surface.

* Partially restricted

  • Technical Data


    Active search coils
    Oval 30.8 x 17 cm (12.12 x 6.70 in)
    UXO search coil Ø 30 cm (Ø 11.81 in)
    UXO search coil Ø 60 cm (Ø 23.62 in)
    Stick probe

    Alarm signal
    Visual (LED)/audio/vibration

    4 m (1 h at 20 °C)


    Backpack – Standard
    55 x 28 x 15 cm (21.65 x 11.02 x 5.90 in)

    55.5 x 35 x 23 cm (21.85 x 13.78 x 9.05 in)

    *Tolerance ± 3 %

    Ambient conditions

    In accordance with MIL-STD-810F
    (F501.4-I, II, F502.4-I, II, F503.4-I, F506.4-III, F512.4-II, F516.5-IV)

    Ambient temperature

    -31°C – + 63°C (-24°F – +145°F)

    Storage temperature

    -51°C – +71°C ( -60°F – +160°F)


    Detector with/without standard battery
    2.5 kg (5.57 lbs) / 2.1 kg (4.65 lbs)

    Basic package – Detector in backpack including standard scope of delivery
    3.4 kg (7.5 lbs)

    Basic package in case
    9.0 kg (18.85 lbs)

    *Tolerance ± 10 %

    Disposable/rechargeable battery

    3 x Mono LR20 1.5 V alkaline battery – Standard
    3 x Mono HR20 1.2 V NiMH rechargeable battery

    Disposable/rechargeable battery operating time*

    Alkaline batteries: About 25 h
    NiMH rechargeable batteries (10,000 mAh): About 28 h

    *Ambient temperature of about 20 °C, LR20: Varta Industrial, HR20: NiMH rechargeable batteries.

    Subject to changes that serve technical progress.
  • Downloads

  • Scope of Delivery

    Basic package VMH3CS | Item No. 2002360411
    Metal Detector VMH3CS with oval search coil, Backpack, Test piece, 3 x Alkaline battery 1.5 V Mono LR 20, Operation manual, Field manual, Backpack packing sketch

  • Parts/Accessories

    • Item No. 8902360007 Backpack VMH3CS For storage and transport of the detector
    • Item No. 2802360101 Case VMH3CS Rugged case for storage and safe transport of the detector
    • Item No. 2902360101 Search coil VMH3CS/VMXC1, oval For the detection of metal
    • Item No. 2902360111 UXO search coil, Ø 60 cm Optimized for the detection of submunition and UXO
    • Item No. 8909990832 Arm strap Arm strap for an improved hold of the dectector in operation
    • Item No. 8702360002 Bag UXO search coil large, olive For storage of the large UXO search coil
    • Item No. 2802360102 Universal case UXO search coil large For storage of the large UXO search coil and optional accesorries
    • Item No. 8902293002 Cover for search coil, oval Additional protection cover for the standard search coil, oval
    • Item No. 2802360002 Stick probe VMH3S Enables the detection in dense vegetation
    • Item No. 2909990733 Test piece with adjustment plate for brake screw Test piece for a functional check of the metal detector with an adjustment plate attached
    • Item No. 2909990571 Headset VMC1/VMH3CS/VMXC1-1 Lightweight watertight and non magnetic on-ear headphone for use in a noisy environment
    • Item No. 2909990751 Headset adapter 6 Pole, 3rd generation Enables the connection of a standard headset with a 3.5 mm jack socket to the detector
    • Item No. 2909990847 External battery charger 100-240V/50-60Hz, 12V Compact external battery charger for charging NiMH-reachargeable batteries
    • Item No. 5910001006 Alkaline battery 1.5 V Mono LR20 Standard battery (not rechargeable)
    • Item No. 5910001006S3 Alkaline battery 1.5 V Mono LR20, 3 ea. Standard battery (not rechargeable)
    • Item No. 5920001006 Rechargeable battery NiMH 1,2 V Mono HR20/10.000 mAh Rechargeable batteries for long operations
    • Item No. 5920001006S3 Rechargeable battery NiMH 1,2 V Mono HR20/10.000 mAh, 3 ea. Rechargeable batteries for long operations
    • Item No. 2902360406 Operation manual VMH3CS Detailed operation information
    • Item No. 2902360407 Field manual VMH3CS Extremley compact operation information
    • Item No. 2902360408 Backpack packing sketch VMH3CS Illustration of the backpack scope of delivery

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