News & Events At a glance Conference: Industrial Components CleaningUlm, 12. – 13.03.2020

Conference: Industrial Components Cleaning
Ulm, 12. – 13.03.2020

As a cooperation partner, VALLON participates in the 29th conference for industrial component cleaning in Ulm. The extensive specialist program shows best practice examples and innovations for industrial component cleaning. With its expert knowledge in the field of industrial degaussing, VALLON is an important partner for component cleaning in the future. Technical cleanliness and purity of components are of utmost importance for the industrial manufacturing process.

A good example is the cleaning of steel components. Professional degaussing minimizes the magnetic attraction of the component surface so that the cleaning efficiency for particles smaller than 200 µm is significantly improved. VALLON's customized degaussing solutions have been used in a wide range of industries and applications for more than 5 decades. They permanently eliminate the disruptive factor "residual magnetism" and assure stable process quality and create genuine added value.

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