News & Events At a glance NEW: VFM2 Field Strength Meter with Evaluation Software VFM2 STATISTICS

NEW: VFM2 Field Strength Meter with Evaluation Software VFM2 STATISTICS

Field Strength Meter VFM2

The new VFM2 field strength meter is ideal for use in industry and production to measure the static magnetic field strength or flux density on surfaces of ferromagnetic parts. The integrated Bluetooth® data interface allows direct transmission of the measured values to the new evaluation software VFM2 STATISTICS or alternatively to a customer's QA/QM data acquisition system.

What's New?

  • Measurement of magnetic field strength / flux density of static and alternating fields [DC/AC]
  • Switchable measuring units mT, Gauss, A/m, A/cm, kA/m
  • Extended measuring range ± 80 mT, ± 800 G, ± 63694 A/m, ± 636.9 A/cm, ± 63.69 kA/m
  • Peak memory: MIN, MAX, MIN/MAX amount
  • Alarm limit value freely adjustable, indicated acoustically and optically as a bar graphic
  • Digital zero compensation when switched on and at the touch of a button
  • Data interface: Bluetooth 5.0 LE (Class 2)

Evaluation Software VFM2 STATISTICS

VFM2 STATISTICS is the new Windows® PC evaluation software for the VFM2 field strength meter. It allows the reception of measured values via the Bluetooth® interface of the VFM2, as well as their logging and statistical evaluation.

What's New?

  • Supplement individual measured values and measurement series with project data, comments and images for clear documentation
  • Export of measurement reports in CSV format from one or more measurement series