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Review parts2clean –
perfect cleanliness, economical, efficient and tailor-made

Innovative degaussing solutions from VALLON: perfect cleanliness, economical, efficient and tailor-made.

At the Parts2Clean international trade fair, VALLON once again proved that its range of products makes an important contribution to meeting the challenges in the cleaning industry.

The motto of the trade fair presentation "Demagnetizing for perfect cleanliness, economical, efficient and tailor-made" perfectly underlined the company's focus. At the trade show, VALLON demonstrated that demagnetization is an essential part of cleaning processes in various industries and helps customers achieve the highest cleanliness standards.

The innovative demagnetization equipment and systems were particularly impressive. From simple handheld demagnetizers to state-of-the-art automated systems, the company has solutions for a wide range of requirements in its portfolio. The focus was on efficiency, cost-effectiveness and tailor-made adaptability to individual customer needs.

A highlight at the show was the new VFM2 field strength meter. This innovative device allows users to precisely measure magnetic field strength and check the success of demagnetization. Thanks to its ease of use and high accuracy, the VFM2 is an indispensable addition to all VALLON demagnetization solutions.

Our summary: We were able to establish numerous valuable contacts as well as deepen existing customer relationships and we are already looking forward to many more individual demagnetization solutions for perfect cleanliness.