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Worth knowing: Archaeological finds with VALLON Products

The VALLON Metal Detector VMH4 with UXO-Search Coil VS60 has contributed to the discovery of an approx. 4.000- year-old skeleton from the Bronze Age.

Thanks to its exchangeable search coils, the Metal Detector VMH4 can be optimized for specific applications. Its high precision detection properties – in this case with UXO-Search Coil VS60 – have localized the necklace of this approx. 4000- year-old lady. This sensational discovery shows that the combination of Magnetometers (VX1) and Metal Detectors (VMH4) makes perfect sense and is also very suitable for the use with archaeological projects.

The further processing of surface data was also carried out with VALLON products. Data recording (magnetometer and metal detector) was executed with EVA4mobile®. The subsequent evaluation was conducted using EVA4ALL®, the software solution for display, georeferencing, evaluation and documentation.