Degaussing Products Coils Rectangular Coils VEM Series

Rectangular Coils VEM Series

Customer-specific sizes (active opening to 760 x 450 mm)
for small to medium-sized parts

Continuous degaussing or pulse degaussing with a stationary work piece dwelling inside the coil

Degaussing of small to medium-sized work pieces (for example tubes, bars and semi-finished goods as well as turned and milled parts) – single, as bulk goods or arranged in a tray, as well as in a container or washing basket.

Rectangular coils VEM series are ideally suited for integration into the feeding system of a cleaning plant. Furthermore, their integration into an existing production plant and other feeding system is possible.

Product description:
Housing made of stainless steel, protection class IP54. A well-thought-out modular system of stainless-steel coil segments ensures maximum flexibility with regards to feasible sizes. The effective opening can be adapted to customer specifications between 60 x 60 mm and 760 x 450 mm in increments of 10 mm. Individual active lengths are also possible.

For degaussing of work pieces with low material thickness, the degaussing coil can be connected directly to the 50 Hz power supply. For larger material thicknesses and / or hard steels, the use of a low frequency generator will be necessary.

Power supply:

Effective opening 1) Active length 2)
D [mm]
VEM1111 110 x 110 200
VEM5151 510 x 510 200

1) The effective opening can be customized between 60 x 60 mm and 760 x 450 mm in increments of 10 mm.
2) Customized active length available upon demand.
Subject to changes that serve technical progress.