Degaussing Products Coils Rotary Coils EMR Series

Rotary Coils EMR Series

Customer-specific sizes (effective opening up to 360 x 360 mm),
for ring-shaped / spiral-shaped parts

Continuous degaussing with a radially rotating magnetic field.

Rotary coils generate a low-frequent rotating magnetic field penetrating vertically into the circumference of each work piece and rotating radially around it. In case of stacked work pieces, optimum degaussing of each single piece is assured by a slow transport speed. Furthermore, possible residual magnetism at the front face contact points of the individual work pieces is effectively prevented.

For low-frequent degaussing of ring-shaped and spiral-shaped work pieces (for example long tubular springs, piston rings or open ring fragments, etc.) – packed as a roll or ring pack.

Product description:
Housing made of stainless steel, protection class IP44 or better. Each rotary coil is made to customer specification.

Degaussing is always performed in combination with a low frequency generator.

Power supply:

Effective opening 1)
W x H [mm]
Active length
D [mm]
EM0606R 60 x 60 60
EM1414R 140 x 140 60
EM3636R 360 x 360 60

1) Rotary coils are manufactured to specification, adapted to the diameter of the workpieces to be demagnetized.
Subject to changes that serve technical progress.