Degaussing Products Coils Round Coils EM Series

Round Coils EM Series

Customer-specific sizes (active opening Ø 30–120 mm)
especially for oblong-shaped semi-finished products

Continuous degaussing

Degaussing of tubes, bars and semi-finished goods as well as small elongated parts. Also suited for small drills, milling cutters or taps as well as other hand-held tools.

Product description:
Housing made of special-cast aluminium, protection class IP44 or better. Standard diameters of the effective opening are 30, 60 or 120 mm.

Low material thicknesses are degaussed directly with mains voltage. Larger material thicknesses and / or hard steels require the use of a low frequency generator.

Power supply:

Effective opening 1)
Diameter [mm]
Active length
Depth [mm]
Outer dimensions
W x H x D [mm]
EM03 Ø 30 120 250 x 260 x 180
EM06 Ø 60 60 250 x 260 x 120
EM12 Ø 120 115 250 x 260 x 180

1) customized diameters available upon demand.
Subject to changes that serve technical progress.