Degaussing Products Coils Small Coils EM Series

Small Coils EM Series

Three pre-defined sizes available for small parts and tools

Continuous degaussing (manual passage or immersion of the parts to be demagnetized)

Degaussing of small steel parts or hand-operated tools (pins, screw drivers, measuring devices etc.)

Product description:
Compact glass fibre reinforced plastic housing with winding, mains connection and carrying handle. The model EM0402 and EM1005 have a thermal contact as anti-overheating protection.

Power supply:

  • 230 V/50 Hz, 120 V/60 Hz (other voltages available on demand)
Type Effective opening
W x H [mm]
Active length
D [mm]
Outer dimensions
W x H x D [mm]
Duty cycle
in min / %
EM0402 40 x 20 65 165 x 125 x 76 30 min
EM1005 100 x 50 80 225 x 170 x 91 30 min
EM1010 100 x 100 110 255 x 250 x 120 100% (continuous operation)

Subject to changes that serve technical progress.