Degaussing Products Coils Tunnel Coils, EM and VEM Series

Tunnel Coils, EM and VEM Series

Customer-specific sizes (active opening Ø 30–120 mm),
especially for oblong-shaped semi-finished products processed at high transport speed > 1 m/s

Continuous degaussing

The tunnel coils have been optimized for degaussing at high transport speeds which has been achieved by special coil windings as well as by a decreasing field strength at the coil output.

Degaussing of small to medium-sized parts and semi-finished goods processed at high transport speed (> 1 m/s).

Product description:
Housing made of special cast aluminium with protection class IP44 or housing made of stainless steel with protection class IP54. Depending on the application, the passage opening is available with round or rectangular opening in different diameters.

The required active length of the magnetic field is calculated from the transport speed and the degaussing frequency. Active lengths from 300 to 800 mm are possible.

For the degaussing of workpieces with low material thickness, the degaussing coil can be connected directly to the 50 Hz power supply. For larger material thicknesses and / or hard steels, the use of a low frequency generator will be necessary.

Power supply:

Effective opening 1)
D / W x H [mm]
Active length 2)
D [mm]
EM03-400 Ø 30 340
EM06-650 Ø 60 590
EM12-400 Ø 120 340
VEM2116-300 210 x 160 300
VEM3126-400 310 x 260 400


110 x 110



260 x 260


1) The effective opening is available with round or rectangular shape in different dimensions, depending on the application.
2) The active coil length is between 300 and 800 mm.
Subject to changes that serve technical progress.