Detectors Areas of Application Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

Detection of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

Locating unexploded ordnance

Countless bombs and grenades were dropped during conflicts in the past. Not all of them detonated. In a wide variety of regions around the world, a vast amount of unexploded ordnance (UXO) is hidden under the Earth’s surface. The premises of former military bases in particular are contaminated by UXO that could explode when subjected to heavy vibration. Their removal is called “explosive ordnance clearance” (EOC) or “battle area clearance” (BAC).

During the research of dropping points or areas that were formerly used by the military, historical data such as maps and aerial photographs are important sources of information. Based on these data, municipalities and countries can coordinate with the responsible explosive ordnance disposal units to clear the area of the threat.

Ordnance reconnaissance and the detection of magnetic anomalies are initial steps toward risk assessment. After the results have been evaluated and the planning documents finalised, the unexploded ordnance must be exposed, identified, and ultimately recovered or detonated.

For smaller areas, large loop metal detectors, handheld magnetometers, and hand-pushed probe carts are ideal, depending on the terrain. If ferromagnetic obstructions are located on the area to be searched, we recommend a grid-based terrain check using borehole probes.

Vehicle-supported multi-channel systems, also known as probe arrays, are used to assess very large areas for munition. They are not only impressive for reasons of economic efficiency, but deliver high-quality measuring results as well. They facilitate seamless examination and supply reliable data that can be presented in detail in the follow-up documentation.

VALLON has an extensive product range for detecting unexploded ordnance with data evaluation and follow-up documentation. For data acquisition, evaluation, and follow-up documentation, VALLON also offers innovative software solutions for completing all project tasks.

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