Powerful Android-Software for Acquisition of Surface and Borehole Data with VALLON Detectors

  • Android-App for comfortable acquisition of surface and borehole data
  • Available with VALLON field computers VFC4.1/VFC4.1plus or Bluetooth® Beacon as a licensee
  • Outstanding field navigation features in combination with differential GNSS
  • Comprehensive tools for defining shape and position of fields
  • Comfortable management of projects and fields
  • Handling of various sensor configurations
  • Best possible protection against data loss
  • Free app download with restricted range of functions for a first impression

EVA4mobile® uses the processing power of modern Android hardware and allows the comfortable acquisition of surface and borehole data with VALLON detectors. The range of applications extends from one-channel magnetometers on surface and in boreholes through multi-channel systems to metal detectors.

Information is provided on the screen in real-time, thus allowing collecting surface data by the brushstroke method: The survey area on the screen is simply being filled with color using the actual sensor array as the “brush” – if necessary also with differential GNSS support.

Feedback from users worldwide and the experience from their daily work is constantly implemented in EVA4mobile® leading to enhancement and new functions. For a first glimpse, EVA4mobile® can be downloaded free of charge (software download). For a productive use, a license is required. EVA4mobile® is only available with VALLON field computers VFC4.1/VFC4.1plus or a Bluetooth® beacon as licensee.

The individual search-task as well as the detection system form the requirement for the suitable hardware that shall preferably be used. For the following options, EVA4mobile® offers the full range of functions:

When purchasing a field computer VFC4.1 or VFC4.1plus with EVA4mobile®, a permanently integrated license is included which makes the device ready-to-use anytime. The VFC4 and VFC4.1plus can also be combined with a Bluetooth® beacon. In this case, the license is activated temporarily. In addition, the scope of supply includes all holders that are necessary for daily use.

  • Bluetooth® Beacon for temporary license activation on any Android device*

With the VALLON Bluetooth® beacon, EVA4mobile® can also be operated in combination with customers’ own Android hardware. This solution allows the temporary license activation on any Android device. It is a small unit which communicates with a corresponding device via Bluetooth®-interface and which unlocks the features for data acquisition for a certain period of time by the push of a button.

*Hardware requirements (license through Bluetooth® Beacon): Operating system Android 4.4 KitKat (API 19), CPU 1,4 GHz Dual Core, Memory 2 GB RAM, Flash-memory 16 GB, Bluetooth® 4.0 (LE), Screen 4,7 Zoll, Resolution 720 x 1280 Pixel

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