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Customer Service

Whether it’s consultation, ordering, or repairs, our team is there for you

At VALLON, you do not need to search for the right contact person first. Our customer service will provide you with quick, uncomplicated assistance. We are only a call or an email away.

  • We would be happy to provide consultation to you on our products and services
  • We will check parts availability and take your order
  • We will organise repair service for your device and answer your technical questions


Vallon GmbH
Arbachtalstraße 10
72800 Eningen, Germany

T +49 7121 9855-0
F +49 7121 9855-100

  • Would you like to request Repairs from us?

    Would you like to request Repairs from us?

    In the event of a defect, please complete the following form.

    If you have questions in advance, please ring our service team on +49 (0)7121 9855-0.

    For orderly, fast processing of your repair request, please send a print-out of the email confirmation along with the package. Upon receipt of your enquiry, our service team will contact you via telephone or email to explain the next steps.

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  • Do you have a Question or Problem?

    Do you have a Question or Problem?

    You can send us a message quickly and easily here.

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  • Do you need a User Manual?

    Do you need a user manual?

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