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Detection of landmines and IEDs

Landmines are the “classical” threat

More than 20 years after the Ottawa Treaty and the Convention on the Prohibition of Anti-Personnel Mines, landmines are still a lethal hazard in many regions of the world. They outlast conflicts and in too many cases, humanitarian agencies or the armed forces are not able to remove them until years after peace has returned.

Conventional landmines are composed of a wide range of materials, but most have a metallic component. Metal detectors help to locate them.

Most unconventional or improvised explosive devices (IEDs) do not have a metallic component. They have different designs and forms.

These hazards have a highly negative effect on mine clearance. They also prevent numerous people who fled conflict regions from returning to their homes. In order to locate these hazards and remove them, thus enabling people to live safely in such regions, humanitarian agencies and the armed forces use both metal detectors and dual-sensor detectors. Metal-free objects, IEDs, and installed wires and cables can be detected with dual-sensor detectors.

The VALLON product range includes many detectors and systems for locating these hazards – on land and under water.

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