Detectors Products VXV-Handcart – Magnetometer


Multi-Channel System for Acquisition over Large and Very Large Areas

  • Handcart for probes with rugged, long-lasting aluminum/GFRP construction
  • Standard probe distance for up to 4 or 8 digital probes VSM
  • High-quality wheel design for uneven terrain
  • Detachable wheel set for transport
  • Antenna mount for optional GNSS navigation system

The handcart VXV4 for probes does not require maintenance and is extremely rugged thanks to its aluminum/GFRP construction.

The cart makes it possible to mount 3 digital probes VSM spaced at 50 cm or 4 digital probes VSM spaced at 33 cm. This makes the VXV4 highly adaptable and suited for data acquisition over large areas.

Because it does not require any maintenance, the handcart for probes is the ideal equipment for civil ordnance removal services.

The high-quality design featuring extra-large wheels is also suited for uneven terrain.
The detachable wheel set enables simple transport.

Specialized VXV4 designs are also available on request.

Suitable for following searches ...

UXO:  Ideally suited for searching for relatively large ferromagnetic objects of all kinds (such as unexploded ordnance, etc.).

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