News & Events At a glance Help for Ukraine. The UK donates 1,000 metal detectors.
Together - we make the world safer

Help for Ukraine. The UK donates 1,000 metal detectors.

While the civilian world continues to hold its breath and look on with concern at what is happening in Ukraine, people on the ground are fighting for their lives every day.

Civilians as well as military and humanitarian aid organizations there face the constant threat of landmines, bombs and unexploded ordnance that make "normal life" impossible in many areas.

But despite this catastrophe, which has now been going on for a year, it is clear that together we can help! For example, Great Britain donates to Ukraine one thousand VALLON metal detectors VMH3CS for finding landmines and booby traps and one hundred sets for their defusing!

The metal detectors and sets, manufactured by the German company Vallon, will help Ukraine "safely clear land and buildings as they reclaim their rightful territory," says British Defense Minister Ben Wallace. (Source

Our detectors stand out for their reliability and extreme mechanical robustness. As a result, the VMH3CS detector has proven itself thousands of times in missions around the world and will now help save lives in Ukraine.

Together – we make the world safer.