Detectors Services Software Downloads

Software for Data Acquisition and Evaluation

The following downloads are available

Numerous additional functions for uncomplicated evaluation (object list, filter, background field map, track view, sorting of data level, color editor, etc.)

EVA4ALL 4.x (48,7 MB)

NEW: Fields can be selected on the left and readings layers in the layer manager on the right separately and independently. Compensation is related to fields and evaluation to readings layers. When evaluating, the selected layer will not get lost. German translation is not fully complete, but usable.

Data acquisition of freely customizable field configurations as well as direct magnetic field display in color, also with GNSS


For EVA4mobile, you must install both the ADAM4Server and EVA4mobile

ADAM4server | EVA4mobile

Magnetometer Kit VXB2/VXB3 – Field computer VFC2 for data acquisition

EVA 2000

Software Vallon EVA 2000 2.48 (24,0 MB)

Software Vallon EVA 2000 2.48 for EVA4ALL dongle (55,8 MB)

VFC2 Firmware V3.56 (5,4 MB)

Language file for VFC2 firmware V3.56
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