VXP3 – Carrying frame

Carrying frame for probing medium sized areas

Configure your multi-channel system

  • Lightweight carbon-fiber construction
  • Foldable for transport
  • Antenna mount for optional GNSS
  • Carrying Frame VXP3 slim – Prepared for 3 probes with a probe distance of 50 cm or 5 probes with a probe distance of 25 cm
  • Carrying frame VXP3 wide – Prepared for 4 probes with a probe distance of 50 cm
  • Optionally available wheel set

The VXP3 is a handheld system in a lightweight carbon-fiber design. The VXP3 Wide enables data acquisition with 4 probes spaced at 50 cm in its wide variant.

The VXP3 is tailored for the use in areas which allows for multichannel-data acquisition, but at the same time prove inaccessible for wheeled carriers.

An optional wheel set serves to optimize ergonomics and coverage per hour, if smooth surface conditions allow.

Suitable for following searches ...

UXO :  Suited for multi-channel data acquisition with magnetometers (such as unexploded ordnance, etc.).

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